Carol Grom, CMT.
Owner, Therapist

A graduate of the Boulder School of Massage in 1994. Carol is strongly committed to quality care and has a personal approach to suit the individual needs of each client. Carol is a member of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, the American Massage Therapy Association(AMTA), and the National Certification Board for Theraputic Massage and Bodywork(NCTMB).

Offering a variety of therapies!




Montana Massage is one of the leading massage therapy practices in the Gallatin Valley. Proudly serving clients for over 15 years.

We are proud to offer our clients personalized services and treatment for any relaxation massage. We offer flexible scheduling and many different types of massage so that you, the client, will get exactly what you need.


Advanced Therapies

Advanced Therapies is the medical half of the practice. If you have been injured in some way, a doctor may refer you for treatment. Depending on your Doctor's reccommendations, your treatment may be for one visit or many. Our certified therapists are trained to target your specific injuries and get you back on your feet in the shortest time possible. Ask your physician if your injury would benefit from a healing massage.

Specializing in the following treatments for patients with Musculoskeletal Pain:




Deep Tissue

Vibratory Massage

Cross Fiber

Movement TX

PNF Stretching